Olympic Video and Mobile Games

Videogame production, building client relationships, high level presentations, storytelling and brand guardianship.

I produced the Official Olympic video games for over 16 years. This meant working with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), different publishers, designers and distributors to create innovative games that provided lucrative revenue steams for the IOC.

Over the years, my role has involved assessing and giving feedback on everything from concept and narrative development, through to gameplay, code, and all in game text and visuals. I was in charge of ensuring brand consistency and have even helped create the odd video introduction for within the games.

My role included regular client interactions and presentation. At times presenting to big brand Olympic Sponsors such as Coke, Samsung and Panasonic. I’ve even had the unique opportunity to do a presentation designed to explain the workings of the video game industry to the previous IOC President Jacques Rogge.

The constant evolution of technology has meant that with each new game I’ve learned about exciting new technologies and console hardware and how to incorporate it. I’ve also made it my business to always keep my finger on the pulse of the gaming world and any news that shakes it.

My lifelong passion for gaming has meant that I was able to suggest solutions for better gameplay mechanics. My knowledge of web design and coding meant I was able to assess code and my background in graphic design gave me an understanding of how to suggest improvements for the visual elements in games. And years of working with the International Olympic Committee to gain final approval of every game before its release has given me a real insight into the inner workings of the corporate side of video game production.

Official Olympic Video and Mobile Games