London 2012 The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games

Video Game

"London 2012: The Official Video Game" stood as the esteemed Olympic Video Game for the 2012 Olympic Games hosted in London. Published by Sega and developed by Sega Studios Australia, this title encapsulated the essence of the global event with immersive gameplay and stunning visuals.

In my role, I forged close collaborations with Sega Europe and the dedicated development team, contributing insights and feedback to refine gameplay mechanics and visual elements. Ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for players was paramount, and my involvement spanned from the early stages of development to the final touches.

Moreover, I played a pivotal role in liaising with the International Olympic Committee, navigating the intricate approval process to ensure the game met the esteemed organisation's standards. This involved meticulous attention to detail and a deep commitment to upholding the integrity of the Olympic brand.

Together, our collective efforts culminated in a video game experience that not only celebrated the spirit of the Olympic Games but also left a lasting impression on players worldwide.