Rio 2016 Vinicius Run Mobile Game

Mobile Game

"Rio 2016: Vinicius Run Game" emerged as a standout among the quartet of Official Mobile Games launched alongside the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This platform game offered players a thrilling opportunity to embody the iconic Rio 2016 Olympic mascot, Vinicius, in an exhilarating adventure. Developed in collaboration with Oktagon Games, a leading game studio based in Brazil, the project embodied the spirit of the Olympics with a distinctly Brazilian flair.

My role in the development of this game was multifaceted and deeply involved. Collaborating closely with Oktagon Games, I delved into the intricacies of gameplay development, ensuring that every aspect of Vinicius's journey was immersive and engaging. From refining mechanics to enhancing level design, I played a pivotal role in shaping the player experience, striving to capture the essence of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in every interaction.

Additionally, I took on the responsibility of overseeing the approval process for marketing assets, ensuring that promotional materials effectively conveyed the excitement and energy of the game. This involved collaborating with artists and designers to create captivating visuals that resonated with players and captured the vibrant spirit of Rio de Janeiro.

Throughout the development journey, our shared passion for the project fueled our creative endeavors. From the bustling streets of Rio to the iconic venues of the Olympic Games, every aspect of the game was meticulously crafted to transport players to the heart of the action.

In essence, "Rio 2016: Vinicius Run Game" stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the gaming industry. As an Official Mobile Game of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, it not only entertained players but also celebrated the cultural heritage and excitement of the host city, leaving a lasting legacy of fun and adventure.