Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game

As the Executive Producer for ISM on this groundbreaking video game project, my journey with SEGA spanned from the embryonic stages of concept creation to the triumphant release of the final product. Within this multifaceted role, I assumed a central position in the collaborative efforts to sculpt every facet of the game's evolution

My responsibilities were as diverse as they were crucial. At the helm of graphic asset evaluation, I ensured that every visual element seamlessly contributed to the immersive gaming experience we sought to deliver. Simultaneously, I meticulously scrutinized the overall gameplay mechanics, fine-tuning them to perfection to guarantee an engaging and seamless user experience. Moreover, I played an integral role in shaping the game's marketing strategy, overseeing the creation and dissemination of materials that effectively conveyed its unique appeal to audiences worldwide.

A standout feature of my role was the privilege of interfacing with the esteemed International Olympic Committee. Working closely with them, I navigated the intricate process of securing their final stamp of approval, underscoring our commitment to upholding the Olympic ethos in every aspect of the game's design and execution.

In essence, my tenure as Executive Producer was defined by a relentless dedication to excellence, a collaborative spirit with SEGA, and an unwavering commitment to delivering a gaming experience that resonated with players on a global scale. 

Website: https://www.olympicvideogames.com/tokyo2020/