Torino 2006 Official Video Game

Video Game Intro

"Torino 2006" served as the Official Video Game for the Torino 2006 Olympic Games. Developed by the German studio 49Games and published by 2K Games, it made its debut on PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox platforms in January 2006.

This marked my initiation into the realm of Olympic Video Games. When faced with development delays, I was tasked with crafting the video game's introduction/opening sequence. Armed with a hard drive containing bmp files extracted from the game code, I embarked on the creative journey of piecing together captivating video sequences. Collaborating with an external music composer, I synchronized the visuals with an engaging musical score.

Given the varying console specifications and system requirements, I encountered the challenge of creating two versions of the video. A concise version tailored to the limitations of the PlayStation 2, and an extended version optimised for the capabilities of the Xbox. Through meticulous editing and adaptation, both versions seamlessly integrated into the gaming experience, setting the stage for players to embark on their Olympic journey.