Mario and Sonic

As a lifelong gamer, I’m excited to share that I’ve spent the past 14 years immersed in the worlds of the blue hedgehog and Italian plumber. From the inception of our project, the challenge was clear: to create a game where three distinct universes could seamlessly coexist – Mario’s, Sonic’s, and the globally recognized Olympic Games.

Our journey began with crafting a compelling narrative. Why would these iconic characters, from rival franchises and consoles, come together for the Olympic Games? The solution was evident: a thrilling race.

Next, we aimed to integrate Olympic core values into the game organically, without sacrificing excitement. Inspired by the Olympic Committee’s mission to educate younger generations, I found inspiration while watching my son play a video game. Leveraging loading screens, typically used for story context or button combinations, we decided to incorporate Sonic and Mario providing gamers with Olympic Trivia.

Pitching this idea to Sega, Nintendo, and the Olympic Committee proved successful, leading to its integration as a mode within the game in 2008. Over time, it evolved into a staple feature, still in use today.

Being deeply involved in this gaming milestone has been surreal. Each game I produced for this hybrid franchise demanded a deep understanding of the visual identities of the brands involved. I learned to navigate the conflicting interests, objectives, and values of three distinct brands to create a cohesive gaming experience. It also provided ample opportunities for me to serve as a mediator between stakeholders, external publishers, and developers.

The most recent Mario & Sonic Title – Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Mario and Sonic Franchise