Doctor Who in Fortnite

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project. As an Associate Producer at BBC Studios within the Games and Interactive Division, I supervised the development and production of Doctor Who content for inclusion in the Fortnite Creative mode. This involved close collaboration with the development team at Quantum Builds in Canada, with whom I held weekly meetings to ensure approval of visual and marketing assets by the brand team.

The standout feature of this project was the Doctor Who museum, a virtual exhibit housed within the Fortnite Creative Mode. I curated the characters and objects showcased in the museum, which proved to be one of the project's most popular elements upon its launch.

As part of this crossover event, we partnered with the successful YouTuber Ali-A to help promote the release. My role involved working with him to highlight the elements to promote in his video. This required strategizing and coordinating with Ali-A to ensure that the most compelling aspects of the event were effectively showcased to his audience. Our collaboration with Ali-A played a pivotal role in generating excitement and engagement surrounding the release, leveraging his influence and reach to maximize exposure for the event.