Digital Advertising for Global Travel Retail

During my tenure at ISM, I took charge of creating all digital signage and advertising materials. My creations graced the screens of the prominent travel retailer World Duty Free, spanning airports across America for over 14 years.

Tasked with animating high-resolution images into captivating advertisements, I ensured each animation reflected the magazine’s brand while adhering to stringent GTR requirements. Using Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, I brought these visuals to life, rendering them into .mp4 format for distribution. Subsequently, I orchestrated the scheduling of content using CMS software, guaranteeing timely and accurate display across hundreds of screens in numerous stores across 18 US airports.

This role provided invaluable experience in graphic design and advertising, allowing me to refine my skills in Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and animation while mastering content scheduling and management.