Digital Advertising for Global Travel Retail

During my time working at ISM I was responsible for crating all digital signage and advertising. My work went live in screens in the leading travel retailer World Duty Free in airports across America for over 14 years.

Once supplied with a high-resolution image, it was all on me to animate it into an attention grabbing advertisement in a style befitting the magazine’s brand and adhering to strict GTR requirements.

I would animate using Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. I would then render out the animation to .mp4 and schedule it to play on digital screens on hundreds of screens in hundreds of stores across 18 US airports.

This role gave me great experience in graphic design and advertising. I honed my skills in Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and animation.

The other important part of my role was to schedule the content using CMS software and to make sure the corrent content played at the correct time at the correct locations.